Dowsing for Beginners  Home Study Course

You can start the course at any time after receiving the lessons and take as long as you want to complete it.

The 8-lesson home study course costs £149.00. You can pay by Card over the phone or on line banking.

The course comes with personal tutor support. The course is sent by E-mail as a PDF and you can also purchase the course text book in a paperback format direct from Amazon for £16.16 or £3.95 on Kindle. Tutor support is by email and / or by Zoom video call. You can also have a phone conversation if necessary.

Dowsing is an ancient skill that has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. In modern times it is used to search for underground water and oil in order to subsequently drill wells. In addition, it can be used to find people and lost objects, locate Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress, help solve health problems, plus much more.

Dowsing has and is being used by the military, scientists well drillers, water utility companies, health professionals and many others.

Dowsing is the skill of finding what is hidden and obtaining information by training the body and subconscious mind.  You could say that you develop psychic powers through the art of dowsing using tried and tested methods.

This Dowsing for Beginner’s Course was originally written in 2004 as a Dowsing for Beginner’s Home Study Course with tutor support. It has helped many now professional and well known Dowsers get started.  This new revised and updated course still manages to cover more than you will learn over a two day Dowsing for Beginner’s classroom course.

Topics include:

  • Using Rods and Pendulums for dowsing
  • Dowsing for health and the best food
  • Dowsing auras
  • Map dowsing
  • Water oil and mineral dowsing
  • Finding lost objects, people and pets
  • Earth Energies, Ley Lines and Geopathic stress
  • How to obtain the correct state of mind for dowsing
  • Introduction to alternative and advanced dowsing methods
  • How to progress with your new dowsing skills

Your tutor and author, Paul Craddock, is a registered professional Dowser with over 30 years’ experience.  He is a qualified Adult Education Tutor and has been teaching dowsing for over 25 years. He has run dowsing courses for Local Authority Adult Education and the British Society of Dowsers.  By the end of this course if you follow the exercises, you should be able to use dowsing to help you in your chosen field or need in your personal or professional life.

The course comes in 8 lessons as follows:

Introduction and administration

Lesson 1

Background and History of dowsing

Dowsing in modern times

Dowsing applications

Making and using angle rods

Your state of mind

The three basic steps

Dowsing with your angle rods

Lesson 2

Pendulum dowsing

Making a pendulum

Using the pendulum

Dowsing with your pendulum

Test paper 1

Lesson 3

History of medical dowsing

How to dowse with your pendulum to improve your health

Checking foods and supplements with your pendulum

Checking natural medicines with your pendulum

Dowsing from a list like a menu or ingredients

Crystal selection

Dowsing Auras

Lesson 4

Background to map dowsing

Uses of map dowsing

How does map dowsing work

Equipment and conditions required

Map dowsing techniques

Map dowsing exercises

Lesson 5

Background and history of water dowsing

Water dowsing methods

Water dowsing exercises

Dowsing for oil

Dowsing for minerals and gold

Finding lost objects through various dowsing methods

Finding lost objects using PSI tracks

Exercise finding a lost object dowsing your PSI track

Lesson 6

What are Earth Energies?

Ley Lines, history nature and properties

Exercise making an Energy Ley Line

Energy bands on stones


Dowsing the energy bands exercise

River type energy flows or Michael and Mary type energy currents

Exercise dowsing a spiral

Uses of the Energy Ley System

Your protection

Geopathic Stress

Effects of geopathic stress

Nature and properties of geopathic stress

What can we do about geopathic stress?

Research on geopathic stress

Electromagnetic radiation

Exercise to survey your home for geopathic stress

Lesson 7

Your state of mind required to get the best dowsing results

Remote viewing states of mind

What has remote viewing got to do with dowsing?

The Beta, Alfa, Theta, and Delta levels of consciousness

How can we get into the correct state of mind for dowsing?

Exercise on relaxation

Exercise practicing relaxation

Core explanation of remote viewing

Lesson 8

The Y rod

The Bobber

Device-less dowsing using finger dowsing

Feng Shui

Using people as a pointer

Fault finding

Test Paper 2

Progression plan

Resources and contacts

Dowsing Ethics

“What a great dowsing course this has been. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn the skills of dowsing”. William Holding York. UK.

Tutor Paul Craddock:

Phone 01202 462762 or email for details of how to enroll