Therapy for your Mind

This book is written by an experienced therapist (Paul Craddock DHP) as a self-help guide for people suffering from any emotional or psychological problem, anxiety, or stress. Natural proven prescription drug free therapies and techniques are used. A thorough explanation is also given as to the likely cause of a symptom you may be experiencing. However, even if you are fortunate to be currently problem free, this book can also be used simply as a meditation and relaxation guide.

The objective is to completely free you from your mental health problem, negative symptom, anxiety, or stress.  This is achieved by following a structured therapy program in a logical sequence. Some techniques and therapies need to be practiced long term with the objective of permanently and completely removing a negative symptom. However, some techniques are designed to give immediate fast temporary relief.

If you are also interested in the possibility of raising your consciousness, personal development and gaining a more spiritual outlook on life, this book also has this covered.

A free relaxation audio download is available with this book.

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Additional audio resources now available at

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Meditation audio for chapter 7, Meditation  Practice available from Sound Cloud below or on U TUBE:

This is a 30-minute meditation training session for chapter 7, Meditation Practice on how to use a mantra. The Vedic mantra you will be using is “IM NA MAH”. This is an advanced Vedic mantra with a specific tonality. I would suggest that you use this instead of the one you may have initially chosen from the book. However, if you prefer not to replace the one you may have already learnt and practised from the book, then just listen to the instructions on how to use the/a mantra and the following relaxation session.  

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Relaxation audio for stress management chapter available from U TUBE:

Relaxation audio for stress management chapter available from Sound Cloud below: